Church OPERATIONS Account - Bank transfer to this account.

Donations are used to run the Church and cover all associated costs.

A small percentage of the funds donated into the operations account is set aside for Benevolence and used to support members and friends of the church under-going financial hardship.

Account Name: Adelaide Church of Christ Inc
BSB: 065 004; Account Number: 10994061

HOPE worldwide Australia

Click this link to donate online directly to HOPE worldwide.
Tax deductable donations to the Adelaide Christian Church's affiliated overseas charity.

Cash donations on Sundays

The Sunday cash collection is deposited into the operations account of the Adelaide Church of Christ.
We also encourage you to give to the work of Hope WW for projects in PNG and the South Pacific. Do this online so you can get a receipt which is tax deductible. There is a link to Hope on this website. You can also make donations though online bank transfer. See above for operations account details